BrainsWay Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) Program

Application Deadline:  July 3, 2023
Award Decision:  August 2023
Earliest Study Start Date:  Fall 2023

Please email completed proposals to

About the Program

The BrainsWay Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) program is designed to support further research on Deep TMS by the clinical research community.  This program is designed to provide resources to established and early-career investigators that are interested in advancing our current knowledge about Deep TMS.  We are interested in applications designed to generate publications in a timely manner and applications designed to support planned grant submissions with Deep TMS devices.  

This program includes data sharing requests and equipment loan requests for up to 2 years (pending satisfactory progress). We highly recommend you contact before submitting a pilot proposal.

Each year a limited number of proposals will be granted with equipment loans. The most excellent proposals granted with equipment loans will be chosen based on criteria of clinical and scientific significance, scope (e.g. sample size), innovation and applicability. Projects utilizing the H4 coils are encouraged. Early career investigators are also an area of emphasis.

For data sharing requests, the investigative team must request access to a specific data set (e.g. BrainsWay sponsored multicenter trials) and this request must be supported by a strong scientific rationale (as described in the Aims and Research Strategy). The data may only be used to answer the specific questions posed and subsequently destroyed. The data cannot be shared in any public or private format and the aims cannot be changed or expanded after the data is obtained without prior approval from BrainsWay.  

For equipment loan requests, the investigative team must request a specific Deep TMS device and coil. The choice can be discussed with the BrainsWay medical affairs team prior to the submission deadline.  You can also see our list of available devices and coils by visiting The equipment loan must be in support of a rigorous scientific experiment (as described in the Aims and Research Strategy). For all requests a clear timeline for IRB approval/waiver, study initiation, participant enrollment (as applicable), data analysis, presentation of results, publication, and application for subsequent extramural funding are required. Equipment loans will only be given if the applicant has funding to complete the study.

Proposal Contents

Please download the proposal template via the button at the top of the page or here

Upon completion of the proposal, please email it to

Proposals consists of the following sections:

  1. Cover Sheet

  2. Specific Aims (1 page):  This is typically 3-4 paragraphs followed by 1-2 specific research questions that will be evaluated in your proposal.  Typically Paragraph 1 describes what is known in the field. Paragraph 2 describes what it unknown along with some hypotheses. Paragraph 3 described how your project will “Fill the Gap” between what is known and unknown.  A sentence should be included to specifically state the future directions and impact this research will have on Deep TMS knowledge.  For more information on writing an effective Specific Aims page:
  3. Research Strategy (2-3 pages):  This is an expansion of the Specific Aims page. Please include the following sections: Significance, Innovation, Investigators involved (a Biosketch must be included for each team member), Approach (including methods, analysis, expected outcomes). A figure or table outlining the experimental approach is strongly recommended (Learn more about research strategy on the NIH website).
  4. Timeline and Dissemination Plan (1 page):  This should include a table. Month 1 should be considered the first month that the data is shared or the device arrives.  The timeline should include study initiation, recruitment, participant enrollment (as applicable), data analysis, presentation of results, publication, and application for subsequent extramural funding.  Detail your plan for extramural grant applications, publication, dissemination, and/or implementation of findings.
  5. Literature Cited.
  6. Biosketch for Team:  A modified Biosketch (using the template provided) should be included for each member of the investigative team (including relevant clinicians, researchers, and statisticians).