How Can BrainsWay's Leasing & Financing Programs Help Get You Started With Deep TMS?

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Webinar Topics

  • BrainsWay's Attractive Business Model
  • Financing/Leasing Benefits and Process

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Featured Presenters

Bill Tsiobanos

Danny Lebovics

Co-Managing Directors

Armada Financial

Bill founded Armada in 2004 with the vision to deliver a multi-faceted financial service platform. He spearheads Armada’s new business development efforts across several industry verticals and leads the development of Armada’s financial products, promotions and voice-of-the-customer initiatives.

Danny builds and manages best-in-class finance businesses that consistently outperform. He helped develop Armada’s unique finance structures and originations platform. He also spearheads Armada’s advisory services for originators, funders and borrowers. Throughout his career as an accountant, lawyer and finance industry leader, Danny has brought people together to achieve success for all stakeholders.