How Can Your Clinic Get Credentialed and Negotiate the Highest Rates Possible for Deep TMS?

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Webinar Topics

  • Top payers for TMS
  • Credentialing process for TMS
  • Strategies for negotiating TMS rates

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Featured Presenters

Justin Gammill

Co-Founder & TMS Director

TMS Marketing Solutions

Started in 2019, TMS Clinical Solutions empowers psychiatrists with all the tools necessary to start, scale and sustain long-term TMS clinic growth. Justin is primarily responsible for managing our team of TMS experts with a combined 40+ years of TMS experience, as well as general operational oversight of 5 TMS clinics in Dallas and Austin, TX. Justin has experience in all aspects of building a successful TMS clinic, including credentialing, billing, marketing, referrals, treatments, and more.

Jake Buchanan

Managing Director

TMS Marketing Solutions

Jake is the Managing Director of TMS Marketing Solutions, responsible for growing the TMS support infrastructure and enhancing quality of offerings. In addition to leading community relations with a California-based TMS practice, Jake served with BrainsWay for several years as a Senior Practice Development Consultant, assisting dozens of clinics in implementation and maximizing their investment in TMS.

Darren Diamond

Billing Specialist

Billing Specialist Services

Darren has been in the Medical Billing field since 2012 and specializes in Mental & behavioral health. Darren has a wealth of experience in starting up mental health clinics in private practice and hospital settings, including the credentialling and billing process.