How is Deep TMS™ more advantageous over Traditional TMS, and what is the future outlook of TMS?

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Webinar Topics

  • Underlying TMS clinical research
  • Use of Traditional TMS coils
  • Advantages of Deep TMS H-Coils for treatment-resistant depression over Traditional TMS and ECT
  • Selected clinical cases
  • Future developments in the field

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Featured Presenter

Dr. Doron Todder

Deputy CEO

Mental Health Hospital, Beer Sheva, Israel

Dr. Doron Todder is Deputy CEO of Mental Health Hospital, Beer Sheva, Israel.  He is also the owner and general manager of Neuroclinic Ltd private psychiatric center in Ramat Gan, Israel.  He is a fellow in the Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience at Ben Gurion University, Israel, as well as a lecturer at the medical school including neurological and psychiatric specializations.  Dr. Todder is the former head of the psychiatric department at the Israeli Ministry of Health.