How can Deep TMS benefit your treatment-resistant OCD patients?

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Webinar Topics

  • What is the current OCD treatment landscape?

  • What are the limitations of current treatment options?

  • What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

  • Where does Deep TMS fit in the treatment algorithm for OCD?

  • How does Deep TMS work?

  • How does Deep TMS differ from Traditional TMS?

  • What is the evidence for treatment of OCD with Deep TMS? 

  • What is the safety profile of Deep TMS?

  • What is the treatment protocol? What happens during treatment?

  • Is Deep TMS for OCD covered by insurance?

  • How can NOCD therapists refer patients for Deep TMS treatment?

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Featured Presenter

Aron Tendler, MD, CBSM

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Tendler is a founding member of Advanced Mental Health Care with 3 locations in Florida, and serves as Chief Medical Officer of BrainsWay. Dr. Tendler earned his Doctor of Medicine from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center, with distinction in research. He trained in psychiatry at Tulane and the University of Chicago. He is board-certified in psychiatry, sleep medicine, and obesity medicine. He published extensively on TMS and is the principal investigator on several multicenter clinical trials