What Are the Most Common Questions & Concerns Providers Have About Offering Deep TMS in Their Practice?

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Webinar Topics

  • Why should providers offer Deep TMS?
  • How many patients are required for a practice to generate positive cashflow?
  • Is Deep TMS effective?
  • Some providers may be concerned about operating a medical device. Can you address that concern?
  • Do clinics need to hire additional staff?
  • Will providers have sufficient time to perform TMS?

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Featured Presenters

Dr. Suzanne Jasberg

Senior Director of Adult Psychiatry

Ellie Mental Health - Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Jasberg specializes in treatment-resistant depression and neurotherapeutic treatment techniques, including TMS. Her research has been focused on non-surgical brain stimulation in depression and schizophrenia, as well as program development in first episode psychosis treatment.

Dr. Nathan Johnston

Psychiatrist & Founder

Phoenix Mental Health

Dr. Johnston founded Phoenix Mental Health to bring innovative, evidence-based treatments for Major Depressive Disorder to San Antonio. He has been the recipient of multiple national and local awards, has published and presented multiple research projects of his own design, and remains an adjunct faculty member at the UTH-SA campus where he gives weekly lectures to the psychiatry residents and medical students.